Pastors & Staff

Meet The Team:

Shannon Schreyer

Senior Leader
 Shannon serves as the Senior Leader of God's Place. He and his wife Nancy moved to Utah in 1997 as part of a church planting team  in downtown Salt Lake City
He has been co-leading God's Place with Nancy since 2001.  Together they have four wonderful children and seven grandchildren.

Nancy Schreyer

Senior Leader
NANCY SCHREYER has a deep passion for seeing the body of Christ mature and come into her fullness: male and female, young and old, each living to his or her full potential as the unique and wonderful gift they were created to be. She loves to teach and release people all over the world into God's supernatural gifts.

Daniel Rivera

Associate Pastor Intern

Patty Rivera

Associate Pastor Intern

Meet Our Church Elders:

John & Yolanda Ogden

James & Connie Tidwell

Martha Canizales

Mark & Tasha Jones

Michael & Adele Feeney

Daniel & Patty Rivera

Deacons Over Benevolence Care

Meet Our Ministry Team Leaders

Caleb Schreyer

Maintenance Supervisor / Audio Engineer

Mindy Miller

Kids Ministry

Monica Allen

Nursery / Pre-School

Zackery & April Stockton

Youth Ministries

Reggie & Misty 

Outreach Food Team

Nancy Schreyer

Worship Teams

Dayne Jacoby

Video / Media Production

Richard Allen


Terry & Melinda Grant

Jail Ministries

Richetta Alexander

Intercessory Prayer

James & Connie Tidwell

Prayer Ministry Team