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          THE BLACKSMITH SHOP – God is joining zeal and wisdom! By Bobby Conner July 4, 2016 Recently, I’ve been reliving some of the events I’ve experienced in the past. I questioned, asking God, what this was about, why am I reliving these past experiences? He responded saying, I have need […]


Historically the body of Christ in Utah has tried to outwit and out maneuver a people who don’t believe what we believe. So, our starting points are everything. If you don’t believe in my starting point, then why would you believe in my ending? This is why the bible declares that the weapons of our […]

A Prophetic Journey

A PROPHETIC JOURNEY I learned early on in my journey of developing a culture that embraces the prophetic that prophetic words are not guarantees, but that they are Holy potentials that are spoken into our lives. In other words, the prophetic by its very nature calls us to partner with what God is saying about […]

Bob Hazlett – A Word Concerning The Mormon Church

BOB HAZLETT – “MORMON CHURCH IS COMING INTO REVIVAL” MARCH 2, 2012 @ “PIERCING THE DARKNESS” PROPHETIC CONFERENCE IN REDDING, CA God says don’t judge people by their outward appearance, I look upon the heart.  God says I’m doing something in the Mormon church, and I am bringing a revival to the Mormon church.  It […]