A Prophetic Journey




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I learned early on in my journey of developing a culture that embraces the prophetic that prophetic words are not guarantees, but that they are Holy potentials that are spoken into our lives. In other words, the prophetic by its very nature calls us to partner with what God is saying about us.  A personal prophetic word makes a declaration about what God is calling us into.  For example; I continually marvel at some of the prophetic words that are given over some of our new converts to Christ or even some of our pre-Christians with regard to the amazing plans and purposes that God has for them.  If you were to simply judge the word on it’s current reality you would tend to think, wow that was a very inaccurate word.However, God declares over us through the voice of the prophetic what He sees and what He desires us to become.  He is concerned about the place that we are currently living (and he certainly is not winking at sin), but He knows that the best way to get us into our destiny is to call us into it.  Jeremiah 29:11, is one such example of how God views us.  He says,   “I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you. Plans to give you a hope and a future.”  He is an amazing prospector.  He delights in calling out the gold in us while allowing the convicting work of Holy Spirit to contend with the dross.  That single value has completely reshaped the way that I look at prophetic ministry.  Anyone can look at the mess a person has made in their life and point out all of the junk.  It’s very easy to dig for junk, but God digs for treasure. We should too!  A personal prophetic word spoken into someone’s life speaks of who God says they are without stumbling over who they are not.  When people have an understanding of how much God loves them and what His desire is for them it will release an empowerment of the spirit of God to help them accomplish that word.However, it is also true that God is all about giving us choices.  We have a choice as to whether we are going to lean in and partner with a word given over our lives or not.  God speaks to our destiny, but he expects us to step into a place of action and faith to see it fleshed out.  Thus, my reasoning for believing that most personal words of prophecy are given to us as potentials and not as guarantees.  God loves to co-labor with his children, and He loves it when we press into the promises that He has declared over our lives.To that end, I have developed a serious passion about stewarding the words that God has given me or to our church.  I have recordings and transcriptions of words that have been spoken over us that go back some 25 years. I keep them close to me and accessible at all times, (wow do I love my iPhone).  This record serves two purposes for me.  One, it gives me a clear template about what God has been saying so that I can stay on track to pray and move into those God destiny’s and secondly, those prophetic words and decrees become my greatest source of encouragement in hours when pushing ahead sometimes seems futile in my own strength.  The bible speaks clearly of how David found it necessary to strengthen himself in the Lord.  Keeping prophetic words near me during times of weariness and discouragement has been a lifeline from heaven to keep me encouraged and engaged in my own calling and destiny.

So, as you read the prophetic words and decrees that follow on this website page my prayer is that you would be encouraged to partner with us for the destiny of this house.  But from a larger perspective I pray that as you read these declarations and prophetic potentials that faith would be birthed into your heart to believe God for His promises over our region and that faith would come fully alive for the promises of God over your life.


 Shannon Schreyer