Bob Hazlett – A Word Concerning The Mormon Church



God says don’t judge people by their outward appearance, I look upon the heart.  God says I’m doing something in the Mormon church, and I am bringing a revival to the Mormon church.  It is going to be a revival like the one that came out of California with the World Wide Church of God, It’s going to be just like that, where I am going to sweep the Mormon church into the Kingdom all at once.  So don’t you judge what you see by outward appearances.He said don’t judge them like that.  You know when the Hellenistic Greeks began to come into the church, the Jewish believers had problems with it, because they ate the wrong food, they dressed the wrong way.  Likewise when the Roman Christians became the prominent sect they had problems with the Jewish believers because they didn’t understand the feasts or their rituals.  But Paul finally rose up with wisdom in Romans chapter 14 where he instructed the church to not judge people when it comes to disputable matters.  Some people eat on this day, while others don’t eat on this day.  Some people celebrate this feast, while others don’t have this feast.  But if you eat meat, do it as unto the Lord, (Hallelujah, I’m in that crowd).  If you don’t eat meat, do it as unto the Lord, thats ok too.  But I am telling you, don’t judge when it comes to disputable matters.  And you know what, there are going to be people who you don’t think are Christians who are Christians. . . . .I want to tell you that God is no respecter of persons, not Jew nor Greek, nor slave or free, not male nor female. . . .

But I want to tell you something, I believe that God is bringing together a church that is raising up a generation of hope that is going to be from every tribe.  Because it wasn’t just one tribe that went into the land and got their inheritance, but it was every tribe.  Every tribe and they fought together for their inheritance because people of hope are not satisfied to get their inheritance alone, they fight to win an inheritance for the people around them.  Because when the people around them get their inheritance, I get my reward too.  That is what hope is!